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    There are no upcoming shows. For booking call us at 503-317-7137 or email us at cedric[at] thexplodingboys.com.

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first show of 2015

please join us for our annual january show in celebration of a new year, a new guitarist (tony kalhagen), and thedrowningman's birthday. 2015 marks the beginning of our fifteenth year as a band!

theXplodingboys will be playing the unofficial gothic incubator on sunday 18 january 2015. we will be going on early (around 21:15) and will have no openers, so those of you with day-jobs on monday can still enjoy the show. we're suggesting a donation of 8-10$ depending on your abilities and level of enthusiasm, please throw in more or less.

for those of you who would like to stay, hive follows, a night of goth and industrial dance music, until bar-close time. enjoy a great atmosphere in a historic portland landmark, a fantastic heated patio, and dance-friendly music and drink.

please rsvp on facebook to show your support.


we're finally playing an all-ages show, and it is our only likely show of 2014! we'll be playing july 12 (that's a saturday) at the wonder ballroom for our first headlining show at the wonder.

please celebrate this with us. we're going to be playing with candy-o, a cars tribute, and erotic city, a veteran prince tribute band. this is our first all ages show at a big venue in several years, so the youth are welcome!

please, rsvp on facebook and buy your tickets now!








if only tonight we could sleep

don't worry, we're still alive.  our server had a bit of a proverbial jupiter crash and the last backup was in july of last year.  the perils of a web presence. 

for those of us who follow us on facebook, they know that we've been alive and well throughout the rest of 2012 and were quite active in 2013.  since our server crashed, we just wanted to state for the record all that's gone on.

so, yeah... pant, we're a bit tired!  so, we're taking a well-deserved winter break.

but i want more!

we all know the perils of desire: robert smith laid it out in the song want very clearly.  but even though we're tired, we're tireless.  if you're still interested in what some of the members of the band are doing, you're in luck, because we're all working on some other projects.

  • ashkelon and daniel are recording trance to the sun material (fb page) and should be playing it live during our hiatus
  • thedrowningman is working with classical revolution pdX on classical renditions of some well-known songs.  here's a preview.




so, there you have it.  i hope you all have a wonderful fall and winter season and we'll see you neXt year!


Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before...

we're eXcited to announce we're finally going to be playing with san francisco-based this charming band!  we will be opening (for those fans with early bed times) which means we go on at 21:00 sharp, and will be followed by music for the masses (depeche mode) and then the smith's tribute this charming band.  

Come join us at this eXciting event at the wonder ballroom friday, 22 june at 21:00.  you can also buy tickets ahead of time here.

Additionally, we'd like to thank the Melody Ballroom and Lady Raven for having us perform for DJ Wednesday's benefit show.  Together, we raised over 2000$ to aid her in her time of need.  



it is finally spring. the sun is back out, flowers are raging, as are many people's allergies. we will be playing in june for dj wednesday's benefit at the melody ballroom, a fantastic, luxurious ballroom in inner se portland built in 1925. that will take place 9 june.

our last show on 30 march for the vampire's masquerade ball was a great success. the show was sold out by 10:15 (naturally... that time... hah) and we thank lady raven, adam hurst, fever, and david j and the wounds for allowing us to join the bill. that is our third sold-out show in a row. this summer brings tours from soriah and shows from sumerland, attrition to the sun, and a whole lot of good times. we're going to enjoy the summer with our side projects, and we will likely get out to play as soon as we can figure out some schedules. keep on your toes, though; there is another show brewing and it should be exciting.


the vampire masquerade ball is an annual even that has taken place in portland for the last ten years. the vmb is now on par with convergence as an event attracting a worldwide audience for its flair, pomp, and majesty. this year, it is a two-day event, and theXplodingboys have been invited to close the first of the two events. theXplodingboys will share the stage with adam hurst, fever, and none other than david j, from bauhaus and love and rockets fame, with the wounds, a local projekt-records act.

come and join us for this momentous occaision.  and please, buy your tickets ahead of time because this may sell out.


it is winter in portland. it gets dark early and it is cold. so, we're going to heat things up with a hot hot hot show in january in celebration of our singer thedrowningman's birthday. also, we've got some really fun new songs we're practicing up for the show! come join us in january. click on the show link to rsvp on facebook and let us know who's coming!


saturday, 10/15/2011, come celebrate what we dub as international cure day: 10/15, saturday night! theXplodingboys will return to the legendary lovecraft portland's majestic cthulu-themed bar, located at 421 se grand ave. we plan to take you on a historic journey via the cure time machine where we will visit several eras of the cure's history!

this show starts early! tXb hit the stage at 8pm, due to noise ordinances in the neighbourhood.

this will be followed by djs jason wann and catalyst, who both are phenomenal on their own.  it is a very special treat to have both of them at this show. so, come early and stay for some of the finest djing around. and for caroline's birthday!

so please, come and join us for our last show of the year before portland settles into the hibernation of winter.  




we're calling this the face to face show, whereby the legendary men-in-makeup face off. opening this show is the band who fell to earth a tribute to none other than david bowie! this will be a hot, steamy, sexy show in the peak of summer. the tonic is conveniently located in inner northeast portland and boasts inexpensive drinks, good beer, a big stage, and a neighbourhoody, non-pretentious crowd and setting. come put on your red shoes and dance in your pocket...

show is 21+the tonic lounge is located at 3100 ne sandy boulevard

rsvp at facebook


greetings fans, friends, and new converts:

this will be an eXciting summer for us.  we have four scheduled shows and will be working on a fifth.  

firstly, we have a back-to-back show the weekend before the summer solstice!  the standing on a beach leg of this duo will be in astoria on friday, 17 june.  the in between days show will be the neXt night in portland at plan b (that's saturday 18 june).  dj wednesday will be accompanying us in astoria, and viktor's pink noise will be opening for us at plan b.

then, on 30 july, also a saturday, we will be returning to the tonic lounge.  the opening act is portland's very own david bowie (!) tribute, the band who fell to earth.

lastly, we will return to the lovecraft on every cure fan's favourite holiday, the ides of october: 10/15.  this year, 10/15 falls on a saturday night! so we naturally have to celebrate.  as always with a lovecraft set, we will be playing our favourites and deep album tracks with a focus on some of the less oft-played tunes.

we're eXpecting to have run out of breath by the closedown of this summer, and hope to give you a few surprises up our sleeves.  we've been working diligently on an ambitious set of tunes to unveil.

stay tuned for further updates as things develop.


as always, thank you for your interest, support, and love.

the sand and the sea grows/

i close my eyes



theXplodingboys have been working on new set list ideas for our upcoming shows. suddenly, we're booked all the way out until july and we anticipate a couple more shows from then until the end of the year. we've recently booked shows in astoria, two in portland, and we have another possibility outside of portland as well.

it looks to be a very fun summer, so we will peek our heads out then and hopefully see a lot of you.


following the success of the sold-out lovecraft show, we've been asked to return.  so, we will be playing there again in the future.

that said, we're back to the practice studio and we're looking for some direction from our fans! we've created a survey for fans to fill out to elicit feedback on which album we should focus on or play cover to cover.  we're just curious as to what your favourite albums are.  the more we know about you, the better we can hit your favourites.

thanX again for all your adoration and support.  it was really a fantastic night. if you had a good time, it would be eXcellent to hear from you. you can post your review on the mercury's site (we won't comment on the spelling of our name. spaces! Ack!).  for those that missed us, we'll see you neXt time!



into the sea, you and me... and a giant squid!


on friday, 18 march 2011, come and swing it with dj horrid and the creature from the black lagoon, whilst theXplodingboys churn out a surprise party set from the dark side at lovecraft, portland's majestic new cthulu-themed bar, located at 421 se grand avenue!

in other news, this image marks the first installation of our new image set from new world industries from our october photo shoot. over the next few weeks, we will be leaking these photos to the web. additionally, our live performance in august has been mastered and we are sending it to the video editor to integrate.


we're currently going through a whole slew of new material we've collected over the last year.  first up, we just got the disc of uncompressed images from our october photo shoot with new world industries. 

additionally, we're in the process of editing both video and audio from our seminal faith set at dante's in august.  new world industries took some fantastic images from that show.  You can see them here

meanwhile, we're diligently putting together a new set with our new bassist, focusing on some new material for us, including some stellar musicianship from our talented ranks.  we're stretching ourselves, and it is coming together quite nicely.  again, we're treading new ground, constantly making what we thought impossible possible.


we have a new website! it's been a long time coming, and we have been very busy with the band. expect to see frequent updates and changes in the future as theXplodingboys embraces a new degree of technology. within the next week these pages will begin to fill up with content as we catch you up to speed with what we've been up to, so check back often.